Physical DescriptionEdit

Myra is a teenage Half-Elf Druid. She wears similar robes to Fillius Senneck, being of the same clan.


Myra is Fillius' oldest niece, taken from her home of Myndarrah by Clara Longstride and sold to Mason Silentdawn. She is noted to have bloomed early with her Wild Shape powers, which do not normally manifest until later in life.

She acts as a mother figure to the other Druid children, and to Seedy after Fillius' disappearance.

Death and ResurrectionEdit

Myra's body was discovered by Immeral Nial in a cell within the mines north of Preston, who recognised her robes as the same as Fillius'. Her body was gaunt, having been tortured and starved to death over a period of time. It was revealed that her Druidic blood was used by Mason in a ritual to break the seals on the Shard of Omalgus. The Child of Hadar imprisoned in the mines told the Heroes that her soul had not gone far, and that it could bring her back to life. Believing that it had good intentions, Aratal made a deal with Ysh'thun, the Being of a Thousand Faces, to release the child from its imprisonment and bring Myra back to life.

Ysh'thun rewound the damage that time had done to Myra's body, and she began breathing again.

Known TransformationsEdit

As a Druid, Myra has the ability to Wild Shape into animal forms. Her known transformations are:

  • Panther
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex


  • Myra is a very powerful shapeshifter, being able to turn into creatures such as a Tyrannosaurus Rex. For a Circle of the Moon Druid at level 20, the maximum challenge rating of creatures you can transform into is 6 (level divided by 3, rounded down). A Tyrannosaurus Rex’s CR is 8 per the basic rules, meaning she is surpassing what is naturally possible even at peak performance. This could be attributed to the fact that she was resurrected by Ysh'thun using powerful dark magic.
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