"Dinna worry about it. Ya're perfectly fine. Just know that ya can join in any time. We dinna bite," She pauses for a moment to think, and retracts her statement. "I dinna bite. Nae too sure about the others."

Physical DescriptionEdit

At 19 years of age, Mor'Duhiun stands at 6'3 and weighs 217 lbs. She wears an Owlbear cloak, with the head as the hood, a plain white long-sleeved shirt, black leather pants with embroidered leaves over rips, and brown fur-lined boots. Her wavy raven hair is half-shaved. Mor's irises are a honey-golden hue. Tattooed on the right side of her head is a black Wyrm with a red spine.

Background and AlignmentEdit

Mor'Duhiun is a Half-Orc Barbarian from the mountain Tribe of Duhiun. Despite her Orcish lineage, she is also half-nymph. She is Lawful Good with chaotic tendencies.

Mor arrived at the Shattered Citadel on November 11, 2018. Her first day consisted of a Quibbly Don Dibbly tournament, where she met the people she would come to call family. Since then Mor has engaged in many a battle, helping fight against the forces of Rend (a gelatinous goo monster) and Brutus (aka Barney Prime).

Mor inherited a magic hammer, Yggdrasil (previously Jormungandr), from Octavius Settler after he left for Don Jon again. The hammer is made of an obsidian-like metal with bright orange Dwarven runes along the side of hammer shaft that burn like Magma. It's also thanks to Oct that she has her Dwarven tattoos (which react in colors to her emotions; also the runes on her knuckles have tattoo smoke that moves as if it were real).

Other stuff? Trivia? Who knowsEdit

In her adventures, she discovered her tribe had been taken over by a ruthless leader, Rendal-Gar.

Mor has been offered an apprenticeship under Marden Firebeard under the condition that she kills an aboleth. However, as Alex has quit, the apprenticeship offer has ended.

Mor can play the Nyckelharpa.

Mor's Harry Potter House is Hufflepuff.

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