Physical DescriptionEdit

Iskander is a male Half-Elf Paladin, standing at roughly 6'5". Unlike most Paladins, he prefers two blades over the standard sword and shield. In Preston, he replaces his standard chain mail for a set of splint armour.


Having never known his father, Iskander believes that he is a Human. Being part Elf, he towered above those around him. He grew up being ridiculed for his height, and for the fact that he looked different to the standard human. At the beginning of the story, he is seeking out a Lord of The Dragon Guard, Lord Agren, who will train him in the ways of the order. We learn that Immeral has acted as a sort of guardian for Iskander throughout his travels to Preston at the request of his parents, so they were familiar with each other before the story began.


Iskander is very focused on serving the common people of Varian. He joined The Dragon Guard in order to serve Varian and protect its inhabitants.

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