Physical DescriptionEdit

Fillius is a Half-Elf standing at 6'6". On introduction, he wears green leather and wields a quarterstaff and wooden shield. He later buys a suit of hide armour in Preston.

After the events of the battle with Mason Silentdawn, Fillius' skin becomes magically scarred with what look like first degree burns. He also loses all hair on his body. This extends to his druidic animal forms as well.


Fillius lived on the small island of Myndarrah with his druid tribe, being mainly his family members. One day whilst he was out foraging, the island was invaded by the pirate Clara Longstride, who captured and killed his kin. He was left alive, and at the beginning of the story, is seeking out Clara in order to exact his revenge.

Known TransformationsEdit

As a druid, Fillius has the ability to shapeshift into animal forms. His known transformations are:

  • Brown bear
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