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3500 years ago, The Great Dragon War came to an end and the Dragon Empire was overthrown. It has now become more of a myth - most don't believe it even happened. As a result of the tales tied to the war, the people of Varian view dragons as mindless beasts that look down on other races. Even people such as the Dragonborn suffer discrimination for the acts of the past.

In the years since, 3 races have risen to power in the 3 main continents; the Elves of Ettinvale in the west, who have created their own dynasty; the Dwarves of Valkir in the south; and the Humans of Chandar in the east, who have taken the role of farmers and traders in supplying the other two continents. Of the 3 races, the Elves and the Dwarves hold the most power.

All had been peaceful with the continents working together until recently. 30 years ago, Thronn Shattermaul, the son of the Dwarven King, was visiting Garamond, an Elven town on the south east coast of Ettinvale. During his visit, it was devastated by a plague. In order to stop the disease spreading to their forests, the Elves took action and wiped out the town of Garamond, the Dwarven prince included. Infuriated, the Dwarven King declared all-out war on the Elves. Skirmishing and infighting is still taking place today throughout the realm.

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