Physical DescriptionEdit

Belrun is a male Half-Elf Ranger of slim build who stands at 6'0". On introduction, he has long dark hair and wields a bow. In Preston, he purchases a breastplate which covers his torso.

After he sells his bow to Morty, he picks up a crossbow from a bandit and uses this in place of his hand axes, preferring the long range option. As soon as he gets back to Preston, he swaps it for a regular bow.


Belrun was raised by the members of the True Eye Tribe, after he was orphaned by his parents as a newborn. He lived on the island of Tull, until he fled following the death of his Grandfather. He knew very little about his parents, as the tribe refused to tell him about them, so he set out to find who they were. He was later captured along with Fillius and Ron, but managed to escape. At the beginning of the story, Belrun is still travelling with Fillius, and following Clara Longstride's trail.

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